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Which Days Work Best for Marketing VO?

Based on my thirty years of experience in voiceovers, Wednesday and Thursday remain the best days of the week to call and email potential voiceover buyers. Potential buyers transition into work mode on Mondays and Tuesdays and plan their upcoming week. They usually plan their weekend on Friday and are often somewhat difficult to reach. By the middle of the week, prospective clients have typically settled into their week and your calls or emails will be much less of an interruption.

What time of the day should I do some cold calling?

I would recommend cold calling in the morning hours. The chances of getting hold of a decision-maker are much more significant because, at this point, they haven't delved into their daily task list quite yet. Therefore, I would focus on the latter part of the morning. Many clients wrap up tasks before heading to lunch, making them available and more willing to take a sales call.

When should I follow up?

Following up is essential, but it's important to follow all protocols on their website if you're marketing to a talent agency. Agents can become annoyed if you follow up too frequently. Trust me. If they want to work with you, you'll be the first person they contact.

When marketing to producers and clients directly, follow up regularly. Studies show that 30% of potential leads never receive a follow-up call after initial contact. However, the same studies found that salespeople have a 90% success rate in contacting their lead on the sixth call. Don't sell yourself short by getting complacent and not following up.

If you want to have the best chance to succeed in voiceovers, perseverance is the key. Put together a weekly call sheet and stick to it. If you've had the proper training and a marketable voiceover demo produced, this sales process becomes more of a numbers game and if you stick to it, you will get results!


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