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About Us

Meet The Team
UVT Coaching is a group of successful voice actors who understand and remember what it's like to start out in voiceover. Since 2000, Terry Daniel has been providing professional voiceover coaching to clients from Los Angeles to New York and beyond. With a team of voiceover professionals, Terry created Universal Voice Talent Coaching. 

"While we love our time behind the mic, we also want to pay it forward by sharing our knowledge and experiences in the voiceover industry with our students."
— Terry Daniel 

Terry Daniel, Voice Talent/Coach

Terry Daniel

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Terry Daniel owns Universal Voice Talent Coaching. He's been a successful voice actor for over 20 years and is the head coach of all training programs. His clients include Subaru of America, Stone Mountain Park, Great Clips, Hormel, Bank of America, Minnesota Twins, Six Flags, and many more! In his spare time, he enjoys running, camping, singing, baseball and could easily eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Rob Marley, Voice Talent/Coach

Rob Marley

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With a background in audio engineering, Rob has worked both sides of the microphone as an accomplished voiceover artist, producer, editor and writer. Clients such as BMW, Toyota, Google, The University of Texas, PBS and many others have trusted Rob and his warm, professional (and sometimes downright creepy) voice. Hobbies include camping, Kendo, motorcycles and cat-herding.

Trish Basanyi, Voice Talent/Coach

Trish Basanyi

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Aside from voicing for many Fortune 500 companies for both commercial and narration projects over the years, Trish brings years of experience to the table in several other important aspects of the business including marketing, networking, and script deconstruction. And watch out! She’s a spelling and punctuation nerd and may call you out if your participles are dangling. Trish is also obsessed with anything purple or fermented, brews her own kombucha, and is an avid craft beer snob.

Jan Anderson, Voice Talent/Coach

Jan Anderson

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Jan comes to voiceover by way of stage acting and having more stage and recording studio experience from being a musician. He's been a full-time voice actor for a number of years, specializing in e-learning and explainer video narration with plenty of commercial and telephony work sprinkled in. He's worked for companies like Google, Chevrolet, PepsiCo, Amazon, Toys 'R Us, Wells Fargo, Rubbermaid, and a ton of others. His thin veneer of professionalism is easily worn away, exposing a vile and irritating buffoon...Just ask his wife!


Amie Breedlove

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Amie grabbed her BA in speech broadcasting from Marshall University in 1994, then began broadcasting for 16 years on-the-air at radio stations in Charleston, WV and Anchorage, Alaska.
In 1999, she began her voiceover journey and continues to help businesses big and small with their local, regional or national commercials, promos or corporate eLearning & training videos. She’s also the voice behind all Target store's self-checkouts reminding you to, "not forget your receipt"!

Garnet Williams, Voice Talent/Coach

Garnet Williams

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Garnet Williams is an award-winning writer, audio producer, and voice actor who, like many VO's, started in radio. Voicing commercials there led to him striking out as a voice actor who specializes in commercials, e-learning, TV narration, animation, and radio imaging. Garnet is also a college Professor, teaching writing, production, and voicing skills. Directing talent as a producer has given him a unique perspective as a talent on the other side of the glass, and he enjoys bringing that knowledge to the students he coaches.

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