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William Therrien

Terry and his crew of coaches are some of the most fun people to work with. The joy they have for voice acting really shines through in all of the interactions I have had with them. When they are working with you, you know that they are set on helping you hone your skills and will make sure that you leave feeling more confident than before the session. 

Milena Benefiel headshot

Milena Benefiel

As a voice actor with some experience under my belt, I was looking for coaches that could help me level up the quality of my reads and grow my business. Terry and the other coaches with UVT are all seasoned, working voice actors and it shows. They each gave me specific, useable feedback that helped me change the way I analyzed and delivered copy. They are all so friendly and encouraging, but, most importantly, they know their stuff!

Matt Silver headshot

Matt Silver

Terry and his team delivered every ounce of what was promised: a custom-tailored coaching package and demo production engagement that was right-sized for my skill and needs. Thanks to Terry's efforts in coaching and demo production, I received my first offer to freelance with an agent within days of receiving my demo. I would highly recommend voice actors of any pedigree looking for a coach or demo producer to work with Terry and his team.

Topher Hook

Terry Daniel has an awesome VoiceOver coaching program! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and his team (all working VO’s), and can easily say that I have learned something new, and found inspiration, from each coaching session. Terry has used his years of experience and industry knowledge to build a team that covers training, demo production, and marketing - everything you need to take your VoiceOver career to the next level. No smoke and mirrors - Terry tells it how it is! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Terry Daniel for VoiceOver Coaching and Demo Production.

Adam Rusinak logo

Adam Rusinak

Terry is fantastic to work with! I am a product of his training program for VO work, and I am so glad that I did: Terry is very knowledgeable and friendly, and he has put together an excellent training program for anyone interested in getting to VO work. The individual coaching sessions help you develop your skills, and Terry has also made sure to include sessions on topics like marketing and home studio set-up, which are invaluable to getting started in this field. The demos he helps you produce are top-notch as well. If you're looking for one of the best training programs out there, or if you're already established but want some extra professional coaching, I highly recommend working with Terry and the coaching team he has put together.

Molly Miklos headshot

Molly Miklos

I was so glad when I found Terry as a voiceover coach! He is a true professional with many years of experience in the business. I found his website through a bunch of great reviews after some searching, and he didn't let me down. We spoke on the phone within an hour and chatted about my ideas and goals. From the beginning he was very knowledgable and in the end he helped me get to my commercial voiceover demo, producing it and making it sound awesome. I would definitely recommend him as your next voiceover coach!

Monique Mosher headshot

Monique Mosher

Look no further for your Voice Over coach! Terry Daniel is your man! I found Terry through his fun and informative podcast, Voiceover Sermons two years ago. I was impressed with Terry's determination to instill coaching and performance before attempting to produce your demo. Terry and his team of coaches at Universal Voice Talent Coaching, Inc. prepare you well for a career in Voice Over. After coaching with Terry, he helped create personalized scripts that fit me for my demos and professionally produced them in his program. Furthermore, I can continue to coach and hone my skills with this group after completing my course. You can't go wrong with Terry Daniel!

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