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What You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Voiceover Career in 2024

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are over, it's time to start planning for your 2024 voiceover career launch! Many advertising publications, including Ad Age and Ad Week, predict that 2024 could be a banner year in advertising. This can potentially bode well for voice actors. In fact, global advertising is expected to grow by over 20% in 2024.

So why should you care? This would be the right time to start if you're considering a voiceover career. As with all creative industries, there is never any guarantee of success, but if you're passionate about getting into voiceovers and you've been thinking about it for a long time, it wouldn't hurt to jump in now!

To begin with, conducting thorough research about the business is crucial. It's not as simple as some voiceover books and social media ads make it out to be. It requires considerable time, hard work, and unwavering perseverance. Unless you have sufficient capital, don't expect to quit your day job immediately. It will be a grind for quite a while, but the good news is that it's fun as hell! There's no need to go door-to-door, and this isn't about hard physical labor either. Marketing yourself to talent agencies and production companies can be a lot of fun! If you approach this knowing that you have some work to do, you'll be fine. Those who believe this is a quick fix for unemployment will be disappointed. This is not a "make money immediately" kind of business.

The next step is to search for trustworthy coaches or a team of coaches who possess sufficient industry experience. Be cautious while selecting coaches, as many claim to be experts because they understand the money that can be earned through coaching. Social media is packed with fraudulent individuals trying to sell their programs to you, even when they have no experience in voiceovers. Hire coaches who are still working as voice actors. This way, you can learn from the real achievements of actual voice actors.

If you have considered trying voice acting, now may be the perfect time to pursue it. It is important to receive proper coaching from credible teachers, and with dedication, you could potentially be ready to record a professional demo by early next year. The market for voice acting appears to be optimistic, which means the timing is right! However, it is essential to note that success is never guaranteed. Be wary of coaches who promise outlandish guarantees of success or income.

From our experience at UVT Coaching, we've discovered that successful students are those who are willing to put in the necessary work. Simply going through a training program and producing a demo is not enough. You need to take action and make connections to increase your chances of success. We recommend sending out your demos every week once they are professionally produced.

If you're interested in training with the UVT Coaches, visit our Coaching Programs page on this website and sign up for one of our courses today!


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