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How Can Voiceover Coaching Benefit Your Career?

I can attribute the turning point in my career to my decision to work with a voiceover coach. As a new entrant in the industry many moons ago, I spent a lot of time reading articles about voice acting and building a home studio on a budget. However, it was through coaching that I truly discovered my potential. The coaching sessions were quite transformative and revealed a world far beyond the amateur recordings I had made in the past.

Beyond the technical aspects of vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises, I learned the heart of the craft - the art of storytelling. The sessions taught me how to bring scripts to life by infusing them with authentic and natural emotions. I learned to use my voice to create cadence, intonation, and pauses that added depth to the narrative. Each session was an opportunity to grow, learn and expand my range. I no longer felt like just another voice; I began to feel like a performer.

Voiceover coaching is not just a luxury; it's a necessity that emphasizes the essential human element of voice acting. It helps you to grasp the nuances of the script's storyline. It's a shift from the voice you possess to the voice you can and should develop to enhance your skills as a voice actor.

If you're interested in coaching with me and the rest of the UVT coaches, please check our VO training course page at


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