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Voiceover Marketing for Holidays

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. But, if you're a voice actor, it was around the corner in February!

February may be too early for caroling, but it isn't too early to start marketing for holiday commercials and other projects! Run your business like an advertising agency. Plan about 8-10 months ahead of the holiday. From time to time, I see social media posts from talents who are all fired up to market to prospective buyers for Christmas VO gigs on December 1st. The ambition is admirable, but they're too late! I was doing Christmas commercials in the early Spring.

At the beginning of each year, lay out a marketing plan and include certain holidays you want to focus on. Then, it's okay to hit up production companies and ad agencies for the Christmas commercials and narrations in January or February. They're already laying the groundwork for holiday productions.

Halloween comes into play as well. Don't wait until October 1st to start hitting up costume shops, haunted houses, theme parks and more! Start doing this in the first quarter of every year.

Here's a quick marketing tip; Create a spec spot for prospective buyers so they can hear what a commercial would sound like with your voice. What is a spec spot? It's a radio term for producing a fictitious commercial for a client to persuade them to buy airtime. Spec spots can deliver results for voice actors. It's worked for me several times in my lengthy career as a voice actor. Try it!

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