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Voiceover Demos: Send Them Out!

So, you've completed a voiceover training program and you have your demos ready to go. Now what? You have to SEND THEM OUT! I know you're probably thinking, "No kidding Terry!" But, the truth is that many new talents sit on their demos. It's time to get those demos in front of prospective buyers.

Don't procrastinate! Nobody is going to show up at your doorstep with a bucket of cash because they heard a rumor about your golden voice. You HAVE to put in the work. Cold calling, emails and occasionally, in-person meetings are a must!

Don't use "I'm too busy" as an excuse. You went through a training program for a reason. You wanted to learn the art of voiceover and start a business. Now is the time to use your tools and get to work.

Fear of rejection can be a roadblock. I've been there. When I first started, I knew I had a good demo, but it was the rejection I was afraid of. Rejection is a part of any business. Some will love your demo and some will not. The key is to keep sending them out every week.

You don't need 100 clients to make a good living doing voiceovers, so don't stress about not getting replies back from specific clients and talent agents. All you need is a dozen or so regular clients who consistently hire you for many projects. These clients are gold! But you have to give yourself the best chance by sending the demos out. Start small. Send out ten a week to various talent agencies, production companies, eLearning businesses or anyone who could potentially hire you for a voiceover.

The demo submission process will eventually become a numbers game. The more contacts you make and the more consistent you are with sending your demos out, the better chances you'll have of getting booked for a gig and potentially having a client for life.


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