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Voiceover Booking Homework

When you book a voiceover job, it's essential to do a little homework before your booking date. Even if you haven't received the script, research the product and company as much as possible. For example, if it's a commercial, go on iSpot.TV or YouTube and see if they have any commercials posted. You will often see a pattern of what kind of voiceover delivery they typically use.

When I booked a series of Great Clips commercials, I went to the website and looked for previous commercials to learn more about their brand's personality. It helped tremendously to know that the client typically likes a tongue-in-cheek delivery style. They use a lot of humor in their commercials. I knew I couldn't delve into this like a local clearance sale at a furniture store.

Whether you book a commercial through your talent agent or by yourself, there will be plenty of times when you will receive the script a day or two before the session. I would encourage you not to practice the script profusely. While you may have an idea of what kind of performance needs to take place, the client may have different ideas. Read over it to get the phrasing down in your head but don't overdo it! The homework I mention above is important but don't spend hours on the script itself.

If you already have the script, it should contain plenty of demographic information. Not only should you study the message they are trying to convey but do yourself a favor and find out as much as possible about the target audience. This will only help your performance. The more you know, the better you'll perform. Of course, this pertains to auditions as well.

Non Disclosure agreements can often be a part of your booking when a client has a brand new product to promote. These contracts are standard and you should never look at them as a red flag. A non-disclosure agreement is an agreement in contract law that certain information will remain confidential. You must not discuss the project with any family members or friends. And absolutely do NOT post about it on social media. You not only will lose a client but you could face legal ramifications.

If you're interested in coaching with the UVT team, please check our voiceover training options on our Coaching Programs page.


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