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Should I work with coaches who are voice actors?

You may think the title of this blog might be a little silly, but you may be surprised at how many voiceover coaches lack experience in actually doing voiceovers. Of course, it doesn't mean they can't follow a good teaching syllabus but in my opinion, you're going to get the best out of a training program when you work with coaches who are still active in the field. Not someone who did a few voiceovers in the 90s and then decided to teach.

Here at UVT Coaching, we're all voice actors who make a living doing voiceovers full time. Therefore, whether you decide to work with us or someone else, it's a good idea to consult with your prospective coach and ask if they are currently doing voiceovers for a living.

Now, there are some exceptions. A couple of coaches in Los Angeles have more casting experience than voice acting experience. These are excellent qualifications because they have real-time experience casting voice actors for numerous projects.

At UVT coaching, we have coaches specializing in script performance, marketing and home-studio setup! Yours truly produces all of the demos for our students. Demos are your calling card and mandatory if you're looking to get agency representation or listed on a production company roster. Plus, you don't want to put up a website without voiceover demos! If a potential VO buyer finds your site and it doesn't showcase your demos, they'll move on to another talent quickly.

Voiceover demos are samplings of your vocal range and delivery. They give clients and agents a chance to hear your versatility. Professional demos should sound like a sampling of commercials you would hear on radio or television.

It may be tempting to put together your own demo. We strongly discourage this. Talent agents and Production Directors are adamant about talents getting demos professionally produced before submitting. This has been a strict protocol for many years.

If you're interested in working with UVT Coaching, please peruse the rest of our website, including our voiceover coaching options at


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