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Overdelivering for Your Clients as a Voice Actor

As a voice actor, ensuring that clients receive the best possible performance is of critical importance. That's why I was delighted when my latest client commented on how impressed she was with me doing multiple takes on a voiceover gig - it showed her that extra effort had gone into ensuring she would be happy with the results. This blog post will explore why it benefits both parties to always strive for excellence and surpass expectations to create remarkable projects and stellar customer service experiences.

Voice actors that thrive understand the importance of providing unrivaled service to their clients. Not only does this mean delivering accurate and timely results, but also going above and beyond expectations when necessary. For instance, if a client requests extra takes or edits for a project, you could also offer your services in these areas, showing potential customers that an effort has been made toward perfecting their work. Furthermore, be sure to act as more than just one voice - build relationships with other professionals within the industry so fellow talent can be recommended should further help become required on behalf of the customer's projects. Be more than just the voice actor. Be the client's marketing consultant.

By overdelivering on projects, you set yourself apart from the competition and can make a lasting impression among potential customers. This is especially beneficial for voice actors who are just starting out and working to establish their client base. Dedication to professional quality work will create an environment of trustworthiness, so they feel comfortable choosing your services!

Furthermore, the importance of providing high-quality customer service cannot be underestimated. Beyond increasing return business, customers who feel cared for are more likely to refer others – a priceless asset! Investing in the time and effort necessary to deliver an excellent experience ensures your reputation is secure.


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