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My Recording Booth is Almost Ready. Yay!

There is nothing wrong with posting pictures of your home studio on social media but many skip the most critical part of the process of becoming a working voice actor. Learning how to do it! Buying gear and building your home studio should be a very exciting part of building a career but if you decide to throw acting skills on the back burner, you will be in trouble.

Imagine having a good mic, preamp, headphones, monitors and your space is treated well. You're ready to start auditioning and booking work! Oops, you have no idea how to read a commercial script. Oops, you have no idea how to get into character for a video game script. Oops, you have no idea how to execute an eLearning script. How will you ever use your new shiny TLM-103 if you can't perform a commercial script the way you're hearing it on radio or television? Simple. You can't.