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Kindly deactivate the AI services alarm!

It is easy to get caught up in the hype and exaggeration of social media, particularly in voiceover groups where people often share their concerns. For example, some worry that the rise of AI services may lead to a loss of business, but this is no different from when P2P audition sites or even Fiverr were introduced. I remember a talent irresponsibly suggesting that we all start looking for new jobs because Fiverr would steal our clients. I am seeing a similar reaction to the arrival of AI services. However, such behavior on social media is unlikely to benefit your business.

In my opinion, AI services can be seen as potential competitors to Fiverr freelancers who charge lower rates. However, this also provides an alternative option for clients looking for such rates. Nonetheless, it's important to note that such clients may not be the best fit for your marketing strategy. Instead, prioritize seeking out clients willing to pay appropriate rates for your skills and expertise, as they do exist in the market.

It's crucial to prioritize cultivating relationships with direct clients at the moment. Over the past year, I've maintained my clientele without losing any to AI services. Clients recognize the value of working with genuine human communication and appreciate the rapport developed over time with me.

It's worth considering how much time some individuals have invested in raising concerns about AI services on social media instead of concentrating on their own ventures. Rather than fixating on technological advancements and becoming anxious, focusing on developing your business is wiser. Don't discourage others from striving to make progress by bringing them down with your worries.

Although AI VO services may be attracting some of our potential clients, they can also benefit us. An AI voice cannot offer personalized customer service, which is crucial for retaining long-term clients. Additionally, AI services cannot conduct live-directed sessions, which 98% of clients prefer. This is especially important when the gig is booked through a talent agency. Ultimately, our human touch sets us apart from AI-powered assistants.

Here is more good news; Lately, I've been receiving a lot of new clients who are dissatisfied with the product's quality and slow turnaround time. They claim the resulting file sounds monotonous and unappealing, with a noticeable tinny audio quality. As a result, many of these clients have turned to me for a genuine human voiceover, and this trend seems to be increasing. Although AI-generated voices are becoming more realistic, they still lack authenticity, and there is no substitute for a solid business relationship.

I can empathize with talented individuals who may feel apprehensive about these services, but remember; they can also be a valuable source of leads. In fact, I have successfully reached out to potential customers through their Facebook Ads' comment sections and have been hired five times as a result. Rather than sending private messages, I respond to their comments publicly, and it has proven to be effective.

It's possible that I may lose an eLearning client to one of these new AI voiceover services, but the same could happen with a P2P audition site. It's just part of the competition for clients that's been around for a long time. The emergence of AI VO services is just another thing we have to compete with, like when P2P sites and Fiverr first came onto the scene. That's why providing excellent customer service has never been more critical. So while I may lose a client to an AI VO service, there's a good chance they'll return to me.

Focusing too much on the exaggerated claims made online about these services can be a distraction. While keeping an eye on the competition and staying informed is important, getting too caught up in the sensationalism found on blogs and VO forums can harm your productivity. Instead, concentrate on your own business and work on becoming the best voice actor possible. Don't worry about things that are beyond your control.

You might also experience an increased workload due to the rise of AI voice companies. Interestingly, seven of the twelve clients who initially approached me due to their dissatisfaction with an AI service have now become regular clients.


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