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It's More Than Just Reading Words

When I receive a short 30-second voiceover script from a client, my first thought is, "Ah, this is a quick and easy one!" But it never is! The short ones may appear to be easy but they can be deadly! Every word and every line needs to sound impactful. If this is a script from a talent agency, it will include plenty of performance instruction, including demographical information.

There is usually a marketing objective or call-to-action in every commercial. Maybe it's a Subway commercial and they want to push a brand new sandwich on their menu. And who is the audience? Are they targeting families in general? Do they want to reach out to seniors? Perhaps it's college kids in this particular campaign? Before the session begins, you'll need to know who you’re talking to. This verbiage that will usually appear on the script. And during the live directed session with the clients, they will provide more direc