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Is Voiceover Coaching only for Newcomers?

There are a few misconceptions about voiceover coaching and how it's only tailored to newcomers in the business. That is hardly the case. Whether you're just getting started in the voiceover business or you've had thirty years of experience, coaching is an integral part of having success.

Even if your coach is a great instructor, that doesn't mean that they don't get a little rusty on their script performances or become a little complacent when marketing their businesses.

Even though I am a voiceover coach, sometimes I need a little kick in the rear from another voiceover coach on my staff or even a competitor! For example, my script reads may have slipped a little, or I might need guidance on a new innovative way to market my business.

Here at UVT Coaching, we all help each other. For example, Rob Marley, one of our coaches, will be taking Trish Basanyi's VO marketing class. So there are always things we can learn from each other. We all remain humble and don't let egos get in the way of learning and improving. After all, we're all full-time working voice actors as well.

I used to attend more VO conferences than I do now. I've been a keynote speaker at several of them. I'm far more comfortable coaching from my cozy basement studio these days. But when I attended conferences, I had many years of experience and still learned something new. At conferences, coaches were sitting in on other coaches' presentations. It's ubiquitous.

Whether you're a voice actor, coach or demo producer, coaching has been and will always be an integral part of not only having success but having continued success. The industry is constantly changing. There's always a technique, tool, or new genre to explore. Athletes train. Musicians practice. Great film actors work with coaches for specific roles. Lifelong learning is excellent for our craft and personal growth.


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