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Intro to VO Audio Editing Class

So, you have your home studio all set up but perhaps you're struggling to sharpen your ear and your methods for getting that audio in good shape to present to clients and prospects.

In one of UVTC's most popular a la carte coaching sessions, Jan Anderson will take a piece of YOUR audio and show you step-by-step how he would prepare it to be turned in. Your Zoom session with Jan will be recorded as he explains what he’s doing and why so that you can refer back to it whenever you like! He’ll also send you a copy of your audio that he’s edited.

It’s easier than you might think, and he’ll help clear up some of the perceived complications surrounding the topic of VO editing/processing.

Jan Anderson has been a full-time voice actor for over a decade, specializing in e-learning and explainer video narration with plenty of commercial and telephony work sprinkled in. He became masterful in audio engineering from his years as a musician.

To sign up for this amazing session, click the link below and look for the "Intro to VO Audio Editing" option.


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