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I Hate Cold Calling!

It's true. I do! But it's an important step we all must take to get voiceover clients. Unfortunately, fear of rejection is often the number one cause of procrastinating when it comes to cold calling. So here are a few tips that may take some of the weight from your backpack when calling hopeful VO clients for the first time...

Before I ever make a call to the prospective client, I do as much research on the client as possible. Therefore, you must learn what you can about their business to sound informed when you make the phone call.

Throughout your research, find out who the decision-maker is at the production company or video production company inside a corporation. You may even have to call the main number to find out, which could take a few attempts.

At first, I send an email as a way to start building rapport with a potential client. I always ask questions about their business and bring up some related anecdotes. If they respond, set up a consultation call. This is how I got my window client! I emailed the business, complimented them on their logo, and told them that my neighbor was ecstatic with their service. It warmed up the business owner and he didn't feel like he was being sold to. I took an interest in his business and didn't make the email about me! He agreed to a phone call.

This is where some talents go wrong. They call VO buyers and can't shut up about their voice and business. While it's important to discuss how your voice can help their business, it should never be an infomercial over the phone. Instead, showing interest in their company will keep the buyer on the phone.

Don't take it personally if a potential client keeps hanging up on you. Just move on. Again, this is why I always start with an email. Does it always work? No. But when it does, the call usually goes smoothly. Even if they don't require a voiceover right away, you've started a good business relationship and they've become another client to add to your prospects list.

Keep a prospect list on a CRM platform or a simple Google document. Keep up with it and don't fret over a prospect who never returns an email or call. You never know when you might hear from them. I get work from clients I contacted five years ago! They may not have needed a voiceover when I first made contact, but they kept my information!

Cold calling can be painful. Sometimes I would rather have a root canal but over the years, the tips you read above have helped me tremendously and made me feel more relaxed. It doesn't mean this won't be a grind. It will be, but you must do it and then keep doing it. Good luck!


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