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How Much Is My Voice Worth?

Should I Start With Low Rates?

When you're starting out in voiceovers, it will be tempting to work pro bono or on the cheap just to win over a client. The issue with that is that it will be difficult to convince that client of your true worth later on and more times than not, they will not be willing to pay you industry standard rates. You have already set the bar pretty low by being generous.

Even when booking your first gig, treat it like it's your 100th gig. You didn't invest in coaching and a professional demo just to give a new client a lowball quote on a 3-page eLearning narration project. Be confident and know your worth. I can understand the idea of wanting to get as many clients as you can when you launch your business but you're going to put in too many hours a week for very little income.

It took me a few years to learn that I didn't need 100 clients to make a good living at this. All you need is about a dozen good clients who consistently come back to you regularly for industry-standard rates. The key is to make sure that you focus on what is really important – the quality of the client.

What About Lowball VO Directories?

Lowball VO directories are like low-hanging fruit when you're first starting out. Therefore, I would focus primarily on direct marketing. Focus on working smarter and not harder by marketing to high-quality clients at production companies, advertising agencies, video production departments at corporations, eLearning directories and more.

Professional anglers don’t use their best tools, equipment and boats to find goldfish just because they are available. Not only would they be wasting their time, money and resources, but they would look absolutely foolish doing so, wouldn't they?

Think of your voice as a showroom-quality product that just hit the shelves today for the first time. Don’t place your brand new product on the clearance rack just so it can sell quickly for pennies. You could easily miss out on the high-quality sales opportunities that will slip right past you along the way.

Be Confident and know your worth. You got this!


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