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Hanging at the Gas 'N' Sip

Remember the movie, Say Anything with John Cusack? Yeah, this dates me a bit, but it was a great movie back in the '80s. Lloyd's buddies were constantly hanging out at the Gas N' Sip. Voiceover forums on social media can be similar to convenience stores in the 80s. They had everything you needed, and it was a place to meet up with your friends. But did you spend too much time outside smoking and loitering? I sure did! Haha!

Don't get into the habit of just hanging out in various voiceover forums all day. Eventually, you need to get some training, a demo produced, and start marketing. We all get hooked on social media, and the forums, at times, can become addicting. It's like working in a busy office and spending too much time socializing with our work friends. It can turn into a real timesuck and a distraction. On the other hand, voiceover groups are great places to gain a little knowledge and connect with other voice talents. Still, if you're spending more time chatting in various groups than marketing your voiceover business, it's time to adjust your schedule.