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Don't Slip On The Snake Oil

When you're searching for a reputable voiceover coach, avoid companies who guarantee success and use buzzwords and phrases like "voiceover secrets exposed" or "get paid to talk." Get paid to talk? Is that all voice acting is? In my opinion, this phrase is an insult to our profession. And VO secrets exposed? Here's the real secret; If you want to have a chance to succeed as a voice actor, it's going to take ambition, dedication, several months of coaching and plenty of perseverance. It makes my skin crawl when charlatans attempt to make our profession seem like you can learn everything in a weekend seminar. You can't.

Voiceover training is an investment and one that is well worth it if you find the right coaching team who will work with you at your own speed and never throw you in a recording studio to record a demo before you're ready. The snake oil is pretty slippery on social media and the rest of the Internet, so spend ample time researching