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Don't Feed The Naysayer

When you start an exciting journey like voice acting, occasionally, you may run into a couple of naysayers who will attempt to discourage you in the process. Especially on social media! More often than not, they're envious that you're pursuing something you love, while they are stuck in a rut and can't get out of their own way. I had friends like this when I first started out. "You'll have to move to Los Angeles! It's SO competitive! You'll never make it!" I even had a friend who tried to tell me I would fail because I couldn't do impressions.

With social media, it's tough because we're connected with so many people who pretend to know everything about SO MANY things they don't know anything about. Look at news media posts on Facebook. The comment threads are littered with armchair private investigators and Scientists. Most of the time, their opinions are based on what "they've heard."

This happens in the voiceover business from time to time. "My Uncle said that I have no chance of making it in voiceovers unless I learn how to yodel! My neighbor told me that only celebrities do voiceovers and that I shouldn't bother trying." These are actual comments, and they are misleading. Many people on social media are irresponsible and don't think about how their words affect people. Don't feed the naysayer. Stay in your lane and focus on yourself and your business.

Surround yourself with encouraging people; otherwise, you're going to hear those glass-half-empty voices in your head all day long. Remember the movie, "A Beautiful Mind?" John Nash was troubled by haunting voices throughout his entire life, but in time, he learned to ignore them and went on to win the Nobel Prize for Economics.


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