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Do You Want To Start A Voiceover Business in 2023?

How long have your friends and family hounded you to do something with your voice? We've all been there. The intake of compliments finally got to me after almost two years and then I finally work up one morning and decided to take the leap. It was exciting yet frightening and uncomfortable. Having a sound support system is so important and at the same time, you need to mute the haunting naysayer voice in your head.

Research is critical in deciding if this is something you want to do. If you can set realistic expectations and know this isn't a quick fix for an unemployment situation, you will be okay! This will take time, hard work, patience and plenty of perseverance. Can you get results quickly? Absolutely! Many of our students book work and get agency representation only weeks after their professional demos are delivered. But you have to be prepared for this process