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Do I need Pro Tools to be considered a Pro?

Absolutely not! Ignore the delusive dreck in blogs and VO books about "industry standards" and how you need to use Pro Tools to be considered a professional. This is pure nonsense. There is NO industry standard on this. Use the one you're most comfortable with!

A client isn't going to turn you away because you used Audacity or Adobe Audition instead of Pro Tools. It's the gear and recording space that make up your sound. The software has nothing to do with it. If you have a well-treated recording space with proper equipment, the audio you get from Audacity will sound precisely the same as Pro Tools.

In my 30 years of being a voice actor, I've only had a handful of clients ask me which recording software I was using. Nobody cared that I was using Adobe Audition instead of Pro Tools. Clients care about quality and performance. I've never heard stories of a voice talent losing a gig because they didn't have Pro Tools.

On a different note, whatever DAW you use, always have a backup! You never know when an urgent project will come along and in a flash, your software stops working! I'm an avid Adobe Audition user, but it gets glitchy once in a while. I use Twisted Wave as a backup! Quicker than rebooting or troubleshooting an issue when the client needs the recording NOW!

And then there are iOS updates. Unfortunately, your software or preamp may not always be ready for the latest Apple software! I have the Apollo Twin preamp, a product of Universal Audio. While I love this preamp, the UA software is rarely ready for Apple upgrades. I would wait several months before you upgrade your computer with any preamp or DAW.


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