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Committing to a Voiceover Business

Contrary to what you may read online regarding how to get into voiceovers, the commitment part can feel like climbing a mountain with a chilly burst of wind in your face. When we're not sure if we want to do something, we procrastinate and find all kinds of excuses as to why we shouldn't commit.

When I started in voiceovers back in 1989, the hunger was intense. I know this was my passion, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there, even though I spent several months feeling a bit uncomfortable. It's okay to feel a little scared and uncomfortable, but when you get that first audition or gig, the fear starts to subside and your confidence will begin to grow.

For me, the misery of being stuck in a radio career where I had no creative liberty and was constantly micro-managed had started to smother any fears about making it in voiceovers. I had to get out and this was going to take some courage. I had always been a voice actor part-time, so I had a few clients I could depend on but I still didn't have a ton of capital to get where I needed to go. I could have panicked and failed but I channeled my stress into working my ass off every day. Brick by brick, I made it work. This was about 20 years ago. Don't sit on a dream due to fear or uncertainty. Life is too short!

It's easy to SAY you're interested in getting started in voiceovers. But, taking the leap is the hard part! Granted, it takes a lot of dedication and work but you still have to get past the "thinking, wishing and hoping" stage! I get inquiries every day from people who claim they are serious about learning and doing what it takes and then some can't find the energy to even look at our website for coaching information. It can be frightening and uncomfortable starting a new business. It's understandable but eventually, you need to get off the fence and take action.

Spending money on education and starting a new business is never as fun as spending it on cars, vacations and big screen TV’s. Still, if you’re passionate about voice acting and doing everything it takes to become successful, the investment is worth it.

To be candid, I was close to broke when I started my VO business 20 years ago but with hard work, perseverance and a “never give up” attitude, it paid off. I haven’t looked back since!


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