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Age is Irrelevant in the Voiceover Business

You're never too old to start a voiceover business. I get calls all the time from talents younger than I am, thinking they're too old to do voiceovers. This could not be further from the truth. There is an abundance of genres that require mature voices. Commercials, medical narration, Promos, documentaries and audiobooks!

Let's take an eLearning narration project as an example. If this is a series of training modules for a new medical device, a client will rarely hire someone in their twenties to do this particular job. More times than not, this project will go to a voice actor in their forties or above.

I also get calls from new talents who think they're too young to get started in voiceovers. This is also not true. Think about all the video games, commercials, cartoons, explainer videos and anime projects that require younger voices. The opportunities are endless.

One of my favorite things about being a voice actor is that you're never too young or old to do it! I started this journey in 1989. I am now 54 years old and have never had a client tell me that I am officially too old to continue recording their projects. In fact, I can still voice a "college kid" character when the opportunity presents itself. Will I be able to voice this kind of a character forever? Maybe not, but in 20 years, there will be plenty of other projects that will suit me.

Much like on-camera actors, there is always a role for you at any age. So don't ever think you're too young or too old to get started in voiceovers. Enjoy the journey no matter your age because there will always be a role for you.


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