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A Speedy Race to the Bottom

Bottom feeder voiceover services are making a killing with YOUR money! Not only do they charge their clients ridiculously low rates, but it's the talents on their rosters who get screwed. Let's use VoiceBros as an example; Voice actors who have used the site have said their rates are really low. A brief look at their site confirms this. The site keeps a ridiculously high 35% to 50% of the budget from every gig.

Here is some verbiage taken from their site; "Each project is priced on a 65% artist commission, 35% service fee basis. A voice artist earns their full 65% commission on all projects submitted within the specified time frame. When a project misses its submission deadline, the voice artist's commission grows smaller. After a 24-hour submission delay, the voice artist's commission will have been reduced from 65% to 50%." Uhm, no thanks! Not to mention that on the site, there is ZERO indication of who owns/runs the site. They've even registered their domain name privately, so there's no info available there. Personally, I prefer to know who I'm doing business with. This is the case with the Voice Realm as well. To this date, nobody in the voiceover industr