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200 Auditions or 200 Clients?

Auditioning is a part of everyday life in being a voice actor but you don't need to put all your energy into auditioning on P2P sites or other platforms on the internet.

First off, congratulations to those who spent a copious amount of time recording hundreds of auditions via a P2P site and finally getting a gig. While that may feel like a milestone, imagine spending half of that time marketing directly to someone ready to hire you.

I read it on social media all the time. "After 200 auditions, I finally got booked!" While this deserves congratulations and should always make talents feel accomplished, it won't be easy to make a living doing voiceovers if this is the plan moving forward. Think about it; You're spending all day from sunrise to sunset on a P2P site auditioning for every opportunity that hits your email inbox while hungry VO buyers wait for your emails and phone calls.

I learned this lesson many years ago. I also sat on a P2P site auditioning my ass off for 8-10 hours a day before I woke up one morning and realized that I couldn't do any worse by contacting the client directly! So I started building lead lists and contacting potential VO buyers via email and cold calls. This method was also a grind, but in time, my booking percentage via direct marketing surpassed my P2P auditioning percentage.

I want to be clear that I am not insulting any talent who wants to stick to the P2P marketing method, but I also want to be crystal clear that if your long term goals are to do voiceovers on a full-time basis, the odds are not in your favor, if you stick to the 200 P2P auditions plan. I know it feels more straightforward in the short term because you don't have to pick up the phone and call anyone but trust me, you'll have more success if you take the appropriate time to reach out to voiceover buyers direct. Good luck out there!


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