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What Led you to a Career in Voiceovers?

We all got our inspiration from somewhere. When I was a kid, my dad took me to several Minnesota Twins games at the old Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota. The public address announcer at the time was Bob Casey. He had a booming voice and was famous for putting a different amount of enthusiasm behind each player's name. He was most famous for his Kirby Puckett call, which started in the mid-80s. "Kirbyyyyyyyyyy Pucket!" It made him a household name! I told my father several times that I wanted that job! While I enjoyed baseball as a kid, I loved the games because of the announcer!

In the mid-70s, the first "Mr. Microphone" type mic came out. These were handheld, battery-operated wireless microphones for broadcasting over empty frequencies on FM radio. I had the Donny and Marie version that worked in the same fashion. It was your typical 70s microphone. Blue and white with a long antenna! I would put on concerts for the entire family, singing hit s