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What Do I Need To Know When Booked For A Live Directed Voiceover Session?

Yesterday, I had a 2-hour directed VO session for my Honeywell client and it went great! It gave me some ideas for a Friday VO Tip for when you book a session like this!

There were six people on the call. I know that can sound overwhelming but it's important just to relax, listen and make the necessary adjustments based on their direction.

Whether you're doing the session via Source-Connect, ConnectionOpen, Zoom or whatever you're using, make sure to log in and be ready about 10 minutes prior to the session. You want to ensure your connection is working well and ready to go! Jumping on at the last minute only adds stress you don't need!

During the session, don't talk over your clients and NEVER self-direct! That is a big time trigger for the client because it slows down the session. Also, don't keep apologizing every time you slip up. It's NO big deal! Just go back to the start of the sentence and read it again.

Many times during a directed session, the clients will make script changes. This happened yesterday in my session. When you hear them working on the changes, don't offer up your own suggestions. Stay in your lane! Remember that you are the performer and not the content writer.

At the end of the session, thank everyone on the call and ask if you can do anything else for them.

Remember, this client could be yours for life!


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