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The Lost Art Of Listening

Listening is such an essential skill, whether learning the business or when you're recording voiceovers. It should never be taken for granted. Not everyone is a good listener. You may have run across several VO forums on social media, where some talents consistently post the same questions after hearing the answers many times. It's hard to tell if they're just not listening or they're looking for attention. If a professional voice actor has reached out with experienced advice, be a sponge, listen and take notes.

Let's talk VO gigs for a minute! When you're in a directed session with a client, it's never been more important to pay close attention to the direction you're given. From the second the gig begins, not only do you need to perform the script exactly how the client wants it performed but at the same time, you need to be doing everything you can to keep this client for life!

If you're a lousy listener or have ADD issues like me, you need to work at becoming a better listener. Everyone talks about their voice in this business and yes, it's important but the art of using your ears often gets swept under the rug in our industry.


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