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Surround Yourself with Support

When you surround yourself with inspiring people, amazing things tend to happen. It makes such a difference to have people in your life who support and encourage you.

When you're trying to accomplish your goals, avoid toxic individuals who try to bring you down. Most of the time they are wrestling with demons of their own.

When I took a leap of faith and started my own voiceover business, I heard from plenty of people who weren't shy about throwing disparaging information at me. "You have to move to Los Angeles! It's too competitive! You're wasting your time!"

While these people may have been trying to support me in their own way - it was pretty demoralizing. Instead of allowing these folks to get inside my head, I chose to devote more energy into people who would say, "You are talented and should go for it!" Every business is competitive and that should never stop you from doing what YOU want to do!

So many people give up too easily due to FEAR. We all get stuck in the spin, forgetting to grab hold of what you want and allowing others to steer your life. Sometimes, the only person who is in the way is yourself. Take a minute and just imagine what you could do if you got out of your own way. If fear wasn’t stopping you. If you weren’t listening to that little voice in your head as a result of those few naysayers.

Listen to your gut, find your extraordinary and GO FOR IT!


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