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It's The Acting That Gets You Hired!

When starting a career in voiceovers, it's easy to get locked in on recording gear. Buying that shiny microphone will always sound more fun than spending money on coaching! It's imperative that you learn the skills of a professional voice actor before you invest in recording gear. A $1000 microphone looks pretty and sounds phenomenal but it won't magically turn you into a professional voice actor overnight. Working with a coach on performance skills should be the priority when you're first starting out. Anyone can spend money on recording gear but if you don't learn the skills, the equipment will collect dust because you'll never book anything.

When I started many years ago, I spent a ton of money setting up my home studio. And then I sat there waiting for the phone to ring. I didn't realize at the time that I should have spent my money actually learning how to do voiceovers. I learned my lesson. My business took off once I learned to perform commercial and narration scr