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It Doesn't Take 100 Voiceover Clients

Having success in the voiceover business doesn't mean you need 100 clients. Sure, you may end up working with 100 clients throughout your career, but you only need about a dozen clients coming back to you regularly to make a good living doing voiceovers.

I've been a voice actor for a long time and some clients have come and gone, but I've managed to keep a steady pool of about 12 clients who consistently use my voiceover services regularly. These are the 12 golden tickets. Nourish them, treat them like family and overdeliver on every project. These are the clients that your success will depend on. Of course, you'll get plenty of one-hit wonders, but this small pool of active clients will keep your motor running.

Remember the 80/20 principle? Your voiceover business works the same way. 80% of your income will come from 20% of your clients. Likewise, your marketing should work the same way. Especially on social media. 80% of social media posts should be helpful to your audience. Your messaging should educate, entertain, or offer a solution to a potential problem. Only 20% of your posts should explicitly promote your business.

So, always remember that while the voiceover business is a hustle, you don't need to wear yourself out working 70 hours a week to get 100 clients. Instead, take care of your best clients. Overdeliver, complete your recordings and send them on time and treat each one of them as if they are your only client and your business depends on them.


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