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I Need To Make Money Fast!

Suppose this is your mindset. If it is, you're better off buying lottery tickets. Starting a voiceover business isn't a quick cash grab. When you're first starting, it's easy to focus on the money because this is what we hear from charlatan coaches promising six-figure incomes and certain voiceover books that feature dollar bills floating in front of a microphone. Put all things money on the back-burner or it will become a distraction. Instead, work with a reputable coach on performance skills, demos and learning the business. This should be a priority if you're taking this business seriously.

How soon can I make money doing this? I remember asking this very question when I started this journey decades ago. I was so focused on the money that I often turned a deaf ear to my coaches, and I wasn't putting all my efforts in the right places. Seriously, park any notion of making money while you work on mastering the delivery of a commercial, narration or character script. In the end, it's the professional voiceover skills that will potentially make you money. But when you&