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How To Keep A Voiceover Client For Life!

Do you want to keep a client for life? Overdeliver! It works. Here are a few examples;

1. Send your client the recording before the deadline.

2. If they're expecting one take, send them two or three!

3. Refer friends to their business. I did this for a window company client!

4. Send a thank you card. Not an online card but an actual thank you card via snail mail!

5. Ask for feedback on the project. Sometimes the client will thank you for your time and you won't always know if they were 100% satisfied.

6. Don't complain if they ask for retakes.

7. Don't follow up on payment before the due date.

8. Ask them to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn and return the favor.

9. We're still in a pandemic. Call your client to see how they're doing and if you can do anything to help.

10. Local client? Occasionally meet them in person for coffee or lunch. Face-to-face time with local clients is essential.


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