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How Do I Find A Good Voiceover Coach?

So you've done plenty of research and you've decided to start your own voiceover business. How do you find a good voiceover coach? The first and foremost important thing to look for is a coach or coaches who are also successful voice actors. There are plenty of good coaches out there who do a great job, but you will benefit most from those who are doing this professionally.

Find someone who can help you discover and develop the unique qualities of your voice, teach you how to analyze a script, show you how to affect meaning by adjusting the way you deliver a performance, and provide tips on how to run your own voiceover business.

Check testimonials from former students on the coaches' website; If you're not finding any, it's a red flag.

With the internet and social media, it's easy to be fooled by charlatans who are more interested in your money than providing the proper guidance. So use plenty of caution when researching and vetting coaches.

Work with coaches who won't vanish once the training is over. Lifetime support is essential. There will be plenty of times during your career when you're going to need help with setting up gear, an audition, rate, talent agency referral or other VO-related questions.

Good luck out there and happy voicing!


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