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Don't Hang Up On A Fiverr Client

Your phone rings. You answer and it's a potential client who loves your demo! Your body starts to fill up with joy and excitement! But five minutes into the discussion, the client mentions that dirty word Fiverr and how he found someone on that website who will do the voiceover for a lot less than what you quoted. Your excitement begins to fizzle as you start shaking your head. You may be wondering if you should cut the client off and go about your day. Please don't do it! You can still win over this client with a few simple steps.

I know the feeling of wanting to have an adverse reaction to a client mentioning cheaper talents on Fiverr. It's easy to get offended and there may be several snarky remarks begging to come out of your mouth. Instead of taking this personally, just talk to them. Get to know them! Some lowball clients will never be worth it but some are pretty open to hearing why they should choose YOU for a higher rate. Live conversations build trust and rapport. When you're negotiating, avoid email at all costs. Get them on the phone!