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Do I Need A Professional Voiceover Demo?

In short, yes! Voiceover demos are your calling card and a must for not only your website but if you want to be considered for talent agency and production rosters. The demos are samplings of your vocal range and delivery. They give clients a chance to hear what you can do behind the mic. Variety and professionalism are key! In the end, a demo should sound like a sampling of commercials you would hear on radio or television. You will need to get one or more demos professionally produced. This should always occur at the end of a training program when you and your coach decide you're ready!

It may be tempting to put together your own demo. We strongly discourage you from doing so. Talent agents and Production Directors are adamant about talents getting demos professionally produced before submitting. This has been a strict protocol for many decades. You may only get one chance to make a good impression in the voiceover business. This is why it's vital to do everything correctly the first time without taking shortcuts.

Even if a talent agent does not represent you, clients can find you on the Internet when they search for voiceover talents online. There is nothing better than getting paid work from a client who listened to your demos on your site after a Google search!

Every week, I get quite a few demo critique requests, and many of them are self-produced. While I don't mind taking the time to listen, many of them end up sounding the same. Sloppy production, poor reads, bad music choices and lousy audio quality.

If you're brand new to voiceovers, we strongly encourage you to get some training and then have your demos professionally produced.


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