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Want More VO Clients? Stop Selling, Start Engaging!

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, I occasionally see talents posting links to their demos in comment threads when it doesn't have anything to do with the potential client's post. While a professional demo is essential to getting work and represented by a talent agent, this isn't the best way to market yourself on social media.

What you want to be doing is building relationships. Engage with the prospective client by taking a vast interest in their business and what their social media post is about. Ask questions and comment with helpful ideas and fun stories. This is how you build rapport with potential VO buyers on social media. They don't mind being marketed to via cold calls or emails, but they don't particularly appreciate links to demos and websites in the comment thread when it has nothing to do with the topic. In fact, it comes off intrusive and spammy.

For example, if you see a post from a talent agent showcasing someone on their roster who booked a national gig, don't comment with a link to your demo and ask if they're looking for representation. Instead, congratulate the talent and add something fun and useful to the comment thread. The key is adding value to the conversation. This will ensure that you stay top of mind whenever the client needs a voiceover.

Trish Basanyi, a voiceover marketing expert and one of the coaches on the UVTC team, says to not expect someone to hire you right away. It's just a matter of reminding them that you exist, and that is why it is imperative to connect with potential VO buyers on social media. It builds rapport and when the right project comes along, they will know who to contact.

Be likable, interesting, funny and approachable when connecting with potential clients. Of course, anyone can paste a link to their demos and website, but it's the talents who engage and take an interest in whatever topics the post is about, are the ones who eventually book work.


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