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The Voiceover Muck Struck Marketing Course

I wanted to share a couple of pointers on marketing your voiceover business. Voice actors at all levels need help with marketing. It is the one step that many talents struggle with. Trish would like to share her blueprint of what has worked for her throughout her highly successful career.

If you want to sign up for this amazing voiceover marketing video and session with Trish Basanyi, click on the payment link below. Once you're all paid up, we will send you the 90-minute video and a link to schedule your session with Trish!

VO Muck Struck Marketing Course:

1 Comment

I want to become a professional voice actor and voice various videos to upload them to YouTube and other services.

I can't choose a program for me to try my hand at, maybe this will help me?

I'm waiting for your advice.

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