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Be A Global Voice Actor

Thanks to technology, we live in an era where you can work with clients all over the globe. So don't feel like you only need to work locally. For example, I have about a dozen regular clients in Europe and they are some of my best clients.

With the ability to record from your home studio setup, you can do all your billing and transfer of files online. For billing, most invoicing software has built-in multi-currency accounting so that you can take care of business in any currency.

As far as sending your recording files to a client, email works well if it's one small mp3 file. However, if it's multiple files of a large project, I recommend using Dropbox or WeTransfer to send the files. Both services are free and easy to use.

It's okay if you're not making a significant splash in your home state! Thanks to my local talent agent, I have a handful of clients in Minnesota, but most of my clients are in other markets, including overseas. So always be thinking of yourself as a global voice actor. Don't stick to marketing to only clients within your zip code. This is an international business and not just a local business. This is especially true with eLearning and explainer video projects.

This is also a relatively straightforward process if the client wants to direct the session. You can use programs like Source Connect, IDPTL or even Zoom! In my opinion, a coached session is the way to go because it will save you plenty of time on revisions, and you'll build up an excellent rapport with the client.


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